Care Haven Port Elizabeth


In 1980 a group of concerned volunteers at the Elizabeth Donkin Hospital realised the need for aftercare services in the community for psychiatric residents who were discharged from hospital and had nowhere to go. Thus Care Haven was born.

Care Haven provides a home where:

  • the resident is important, where people are treated with dignity and respect
  • all our residents are guaranteed three meals a day
  • there is a set a routine in place where a person is comfortable, secure and safe
  • counselling is provided by psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, doctors and various other therapists
  • the needs of the resident is paramount

Care Haven is a place where:

  • you know that there will be someone to listen to you, to understand what is going on in your head
  • you will not have to remember to take your meds
  • all your needs are taken care of until you are strong enough to face the unknown, feel “normal” again
  • we give you the opportunity to regain your sense of self-worth
  • we teach you skills to cope with the daily pressures of life
  • we will nurture any talent you may have
  • provide you with the tools reintegrate yourself into society

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Care Haven Psychiatric Care Centre,

14-20 Belmont Terrace, Central, 6001,

Port Elizabeth, South Africa.

Tel:  27 (0)41-585-9334

Fax:  27 (0)41-586-1606